The Brand / Materials


Following the example of high-end watch-making, By Atelier chooses 316L steel for its Smartphones. A powerful alloy of iron and carbon. Stainless thanks to the addition of chromium. Some nickel which improves its mechanical properties and its pliability. Some titanium which, in the most extreme conditions, optimizes its stability.


This material has a very specific crystallization and unique physical properties. As on a watch, the sapphire crystal is the most efficient in order to avoid scratches and maintain a smooth and pure surface.


By Atelier is staffed with the best silversmiths and diamond dealers to guarantee the quality of its stones. All the attention is focused on the perfect balance of the 4Cs.
Cut: facets are cut to reflect the light and enhance shine.
Carat: a total weight of 2.205 carats on each By Atelier Smartphone.
Clarity: By Atelier certifies VS1 or VS2 purity.
Color: as the color makes the value, By Atelier guarantees an F or G reference.


By working with alligator leather, By Atelier translates the essence of the luxury leather craft. We use a sophisticated tanning, the result of a traditional know-how. The requirement of using skins with fine and delicate scales which makes a precious leather.
Timeless colors, like black and white together with a new color range: a high fashion taupe, a special creation from By Atelier, and fashionable pearl nuances.


Gold is the archetype for high-quality metal. Pure or mounted, it’s the most malleable and flexible metal known to man. As dense as it is soft, it does not oxidize and preserves its radiance… which is precisely why gold is so unique.

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