"My daughter would love to play the organ in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Can you arrange it for me as a present for her 18th birthday?"

"I need a short summary of the latest episode of my favorite TV series that I missed whilst travelling."

"Could you find me sunglasses of the same model worn by Robert de Niro in "Killer Elite" movie?"

"My wife left her mobile phone on an aeroplane. Can you locate it for me?"

"I would like to find a ¼ carat blue diamond for an engagement ring."

Concierge Service

By Atelier is the first one to have the expertise to combine mobile technology and luxury.

We offer to our clients a chance to experience at last real luxury lifestyle with their iPhones.

Along with your hand crafted phone case, you will get to enjoy free of charge the addictive services of a 5* concierge service and lifestyle management.

Are you craving for some free time? Wish you would have anyone to make your bookings? Are you heading abroad? Do you need local insider information and assistance?

Our concierge service is your answer 24/7. It will provide you unlimited access to an unrivalled package of exclusive privileges, preferential rates and bespoke services.

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