Designed by award-winning designer Christoph Behling,
By Atelier iPhone 5 and 6 cases stand out.

For the first time ever, genuine alligator skins,
premium leathers and sapphire are used to conceive
a protective case for iPhone and Samsung mobile phones.

Hand craftsmanship and outstanding mobile technology
can at last be combined.

Our Mission

Make mobiles unique statutory objects, vehicle of self-assertion through personalized style.

Revive true luxury in technology, through tailor-made masterpieces, vehicle of self-assertion and unique lifestyle.

Reinstate true luxury as vehicle of self-assertion & self-expression through tailor-made lifestyle essentials.

Who We Are

Located in the heart of Paris, at 100 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, By Atelier was created in September 2013. Its aim is to combine technology with luxury, a major challenge for the brand that is redefining the codes of modern luxury. It creates exceptional, innovative products for a new generation of customer seeking the complete Intelligent Luxury experience.

The By Atelier team is convinced that technology has become a veritable lifestyle. Customers should therefore be offered a new contemporary luxury experience in the form of exclusive products that enhance everyday life by making it more exciting, more interesting, more practical, more beautiful and indeed smarter.

Our Collection

By Atelier selects the best in smartphone technology: Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, phones that have proved their reliability and success worldwide. We keep their technology but rethink their silhouette.

Every By Atelier smartphone represents hours of meticulous assembly of more than 400 specially crafted components.

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Exclusive Craftsmanship

Thanks to its rich team of engineers, designers and craftsmen, By Atelier was able to create the first collection of luxury iPhone 5s/6 and Samsung Galaxy in its own workshops. They boast a 316L stainless steel frame that serves to reinforce the iPhone's aluminium structure. The structure is completely hand-polished and keeps the product tight to ensure unrivalled resistance.

Each case is personalised with high-quality full-grain calfskin or alligator leather in contemporary colours and matched with sapphire crystal pieces and hand-set lacquer detailing to give the products a flawless finishing. Product performance is thoroughly tested in the By Atelier laboratories in Paris and Hong Kong to ensure the highest standards of technological quality.

Concierge Service

Have you ever wished to get instant advice on the finest restaurant in town when you are travelling? To have a personal assistant to make your reservations? Our concierge service will do all that and much more… Complimentary during 1 year for every purchase of a By Atelier iPhone case, available 24/7 worldwide.

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Order Online

Are you looking for a luxury smartphone? Have you ever wish to get a unique design for your iPhone? Need to make a gift? Order online your favorite case, we will it to your door step.

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